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FSP Super Fund (the Fund) is a public offer superannuation fund. The Fund is a member-discretionary master trust which enables members, on the advice of their financial planner, to select an investment portfolio that meets their personal financial circumstances and superannuation objectives.

Products Offered

Superannuation Service: Superannuation, including insurance

Pension Service: Allocated pension, including Transition to Retirement (non-commutable) allocated pension

Super Fund Features

Access to wholesale managed funds, ASX 300 listed securities, unlisted property trusts and Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)

Insurance available – Death, Death & TPD and Salary Continuance

All contribution types accepted - member, employer, spouse and government co-contribution

Binding and non-binding death benefit nominations

Annual member benefit statement to super members

Accepts UK pensions transfers

Anti-detriment payments

CGT- free transfer from super to pension

The Trustee of the FSP Super Fund is:

Oasis Fund Management Limited
ABN 38 106 045 050 

AFS Licence No 274331 


FSP Super Fund documentation available on the MoneyOne online website